Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gray County Treasurer's Office

Hours 8:00am - 5:00pm Monday thru Friday
No Vehicle processed after 4:30pm.

Located in the Courthouse - Cimarron, Kansas 67835

Street Address: 300 South Main, 1st Floor, Cimarron, KS
Mailing Address: PO Box 507, Cimarron, KS 67835-0507
Phone Numbers: 620-855-3861   620-855-3714


Sheryl Plotner, Gray County Treasurer - serving since 1969

Kerry Schmidt, Deputy Treasurer - serving since 1999
Peggy Conrardy, Vehicle & Tax Clerk - serving since 2001
Judy Droste, Vehicle & Tax Clerk - serving since 2001


Functions of the County Treasurer's Office

The County Treasurer's Office serves as a center for the County's financial transactions.  Real Estate Property Taxe, Personal Property Taxes, Motor Vehicle Tags and renewing Driver Licenses are all paid at the Treasurer's Office.  The Treasurer's Office provides information and services for Motor Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Title changes, Property Tax and Vehicle Tax inquiries.

The County Treasurer distributes the taxes collected out to various taxing units six times a year.  These tax dollars support the schools, cities, townships, roads, ambulance services, police and fire protection.

Serving as the County's Financial Officer investments are done locally as covered by State Laws.