Filing Requirements

The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for the filing of deeds, mortgages, releases, tax liens, oil and gas leases, military discharge records and many more.

The Register of Deeds Office maintains and preserves an up to date and accurate set of indexes.

Each document that is filed is given a time stamp, book and page.  The very next business day those recorded documents are indexed into the proper book according to legal description.

All services offered by the Register of Deeds Office are fee based according to Kansas Statutes. (see fee schedule)

The Register of Deeds Office generates a sizable income that is deposited into the County General Fund and administered by the Gray County Board of Commissioners.

Documents Must Be Signed & Notarized

Signatures and notaries must be original. Photocopies cannot be recorded unless they are certified copies from another recording office. Notary seals must be legible and include the expiration date.

Legal Description of Real Property

City descriptions include:  Lot, Block and Addition or Subdivision name.  Boundaries indicated by a metes and bounds description including Section, Township and Range.

Documents Must Be Legible

The documents shall be of sufficient legibility to produce clear and legible copies.  The Register of Deeds may reject any document which is not of sufficient legibility.

Real Estate Documents Are Recorded & Returned After Processing

All documents are returned within 24 hours after filing.

Fees to Be Paid at Time of Filing

Fees are set by state statue.  For the complete fee schedule see KSA 28-115.  A shortened version of the fee schedule is available using one of the links on this site.

Mortgage Registration Tax if Required to be Paid When a Mortgage is Filed

This tax is calculated by multiplying the principal indebtedness by $ .0005.  This is an additional fee in addition to the regular filing fee.